Hoboken No-Jokin'.

Hoboken Train Station

Ok, that expression annoys me, too.. It was just too temping. When I was commuting to college (F.I.T.), I was living in Orange County. Which meant taking NJ transit to Hoboken, then getting the PATH to 33rd St. Hoboken was just on its way to being hipster paradise then. It's a beautiful city, filled with old buildings and an amazing view of NYC.

These photos were taken with a Diana F+. No filters, no editing. Just good old fashioned cheap construction!

View of NYC from the waterfront. Note the hot light leaks. I love toy cameras! #nofilter

Where's Waldo? There's a pigeon in this pic. Can you find it?


Back in the Old Neighborhood

A couple of months ago my husband had to go for a wardrobe fitting on West Houston. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to tag along and spend some time in the village with my camera.

This is the doorway to my family's old apartment at 22-24 Leroy St. in Greenwich Village. I have been wanting to take a photo of it for years and had the opportunity recently. The Vespa happened to be in the right place at the right time! My great-grandfather also lived in the building next door, and I grew up visiting. The most memorable feature was a tub in the kitchen which was covered by a plank and disguised as a counter top. You don't see that anymore! I would love to see the inside of these buildings since they've been renovated.

Cafe Wha?... a village staple.


I Heart Peekskill

It's no secret that I love Peekskill. It's definitely my favorite of all the artsy Hudson River towns, and it just keeps getting better. Here are some photos of just a few of my favorite spots.

Bruised Apple Books - Used and rare books, cds and vinyl. Trade in your old stuff and get someone else's old stuff... recycle, reuse, reduce!

Window display at Treat Station.
A truly unique store - retro candy, fancy chocolates, milkshakes made on a retro shake machine, toy trains and other fun stuff. You can't lose with a protesting maneki neko in your window.

The Paramount Center for the Arts - Non-profit theater - concerts, comedians, indie and foreign films.

If you decide to visit, check out these other great local businesses:
The Peekskill Coffee House
The Peekskill Brewery
Side Effects NY
Homestyle Bakery
Kathleen's Tea Room
Ruben's Mexican Cafe


Happy New Year! Now let's all go out cruising in our sweet future cars.

Happy New Year!

I found this sweet ride in Woodstock over the summer. It was parked outside the Sunflower Natural Market where we had stopped to stock up on vegetarian goodies after the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary June Jamboree.


Etsy Treasury List... Woodland Wonderland

In the past couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enough to have fellow Etsy members feature my photographs in their Treasury Lists. It's so fascinating to look through the lists of both friends and strangers to see what treasures they have found. To pay it forward, I have put together my own list, Woodland Wonderland. Please check it out- artwork, clothing, jewelry and novelties by some very talented artists and crafters.


Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Spent a hot day in Little Italy this summer with my family for my mom's birthday. Every weekend on Mulberry St. now looks like the San Gennaro festival. Well, not quite... but the street is closed and absolutely bursting with people looking at cigar rollers, gelato carts, balloon animal makers and "GTL" t-shirts. As soon as I took out my Holga, my mom goofed on me for acting like a tourist.. until she realized it was "the plastic camera", and then she was cool with it.

If you're looking for a great restaurant in Little Italy, try Il Cortile. Don't even think about not trying the Bruschetta Con Fave e Verdure.


Frankenstein Built My Hot Rod

You never know what you might find in the Target parking lot. Stumbled upon this bad-ass chartreuse hot rod in Mount Kisco.