Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Spent a hot day in Little Italy this summer with my family for my mom's birthday. Every weekend on Mulberry St. now looks like the San Gennaro festival. Well, not quite... but the street is closed and absolutely bursting with people looking at cigar rollers, gelato carts, balloon animal makers and "GTL" t-shirts. As soon as I took out my Holga, my mom goofed on me for acting like a tourist.. until she realized it was "the plastic camera", and then she was cool with it.

If you're looking for a great restaurant in Little Italy, try Il Cortile. Don't even think about not trying the Bruschetta Con Fave e Verdure.


  1. Have u ever eaten at La Mela?? Its an experience! A really yummy one too!

  2. No, I'll have to try it- thanks for the suggestion!