Back in the Old Neighborhood

A couple of months ago my husband had to go for a wardrobe fitting on West Houston. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to tag along and spend some time in the village with my camera.

This is the doorway to my family's old apartment at 22-24 Leroy St. in Greenwich Village. I have been wanting to take a photo of it for years and had the opportunity recently. The Vespa happened to be in the right place at the right time! My great-grandfather also lived in the building next door, and I grew up visiting. The most memorable feature was a tub in the kitchen which was covered by a plank and disguised as a counter top. You don't see that anymore! I would love to see the inside of these buildings since they've been renovated.

Cafe Wha?... a village staple.


  1. Thanks! My mom and aunt were excited about the Leroy St. pic.

  2. Me too! I don't get there nearly enough these days.

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